Noel Hill Aisling Ghéar - World Premiere at the IFI

I was thrilled to be asked by the IFI to take some photos of the World Premiere of the Documentary film Noel Hill Aisling Ghéar in January 2018. It is always fun to shoot the events at the IFI as the atmosphere is always relaxed and the people are interesting. I have included a link to the IFI Facebook Album of the event.


Michael Moore at the IFI

I had the pleasure of attending the Irish Premiere of Michael Moore’s new documentary “Where to Invade Next”, I was there to photograph Michael Moore for the IFI.

The Premiere was held at the IFI hosted by IFTA. An interesting Q&A followed the film was compared by Matt Copper from Newstalk Radio.

The film was funny and well worth a watch, if you like Michael Moore’s films. Michael was engaging, witty and spoke passionately about the film and American politics.

Here is a link to the photographs that the IFI used for their site.